Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea


Jungle BeachWe finally made it to Manuel Antonio National Park and for once, the main story wasn’t about the wildlife. This time, the star of the show was the sheer beauty of the place. It’s not that we didn’t see lots of wildlife, it’s just that the views and general feel of the place were incredible.

Satellite View

As you can see from the google satellite image, it includes a peninsular known as Punta Catedral (Cathedral Point) a name that must have a story behind it, but I can’t find anything on it at all! It’s connected to the mainland by an isthmus that contains 2 stunning beaches, although these get crowded pretty quickly!

We arrived at 7am and, having already bought tickets (thanks to Carol’s forward planning!), we avoided the queue that had already formed at the ticket desk. Once we made it through the bag checks (to make sure we didn’t have any food for the animals, or more accurately that the capuchins could steal!) we headed straight for the peninsular, lingering to enjoy the stunning beaches and scenery.

It was hot, sweaty work (we covered 12 miles in total), but well worth it!

I think I should probably let the views do the rest of the talking. As ever the photographs really don’t do it justice, but they give the general idea.







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