Trip to the Hippy Capital of Costa Rica

Montezuma! We decided to have a little holiday. No, the cheek isn’t lost on me. We’ve been in Costa Rica for over 7 weeks and I’ve got the audacity to talk about having a little holiday!?

We’ve just returned from a trip across to Nicoya peninsula, and what a trip it was. It didn’t really start well though. We were trying to save money, so caught the bus up to Puntarenas, where (after a 2 hour wait) we caught a ferry across to the peninsular, to then have an extended bus journey down to Montezuma. All in all, over 7 hours journey time. Phew!

Once we were there though, it was magical. A small village, that although full of tourists, had wonderful character and really is small, just 10 minutes walk and you’re at the edge of it.

The beaches and local river were wonderful, but I’ll let the photos tell you all about that.

On the way back, we decided to take a shortcut, via speed boat. Home in 2 hours. Not only that, but we saw dolphins and leaping rays. Truly stunning.

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