My Most Exciting Project Yet

The Wildlife Trusts are extraordinary. They’re made up of 46 separate organisations, with a history spanning over 100 years. But, rather than me trying to explain, and doing it badly, you can read all about them and the wonderful work they do on their own website here:

I really am thrilled to be partnering with them on this project.


Travelling all over the UK

During the following year, I’ll be focusing exclusively on UK wildlife and landscapes, something I’m looking forward to, it’ll be great focusing on my native countries local wildlife. We’ll be travelling around as many of the Trusts as we can, hopefully around 14, visiting their reserves, getting to know the landscape, flora and fauna. I’ll then create a body of work that will be sold at an exhibition next year, with most of the profits going to support the Wildlife Trusts.

All the latest news will be here, but...

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Over £35,000 raised for wildlife conservation to date

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