So close, but I just missed out


Hopefully you got the chance to watch the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards on Tuesday evening. If you didn’t I can put your mind at rest, I didn’t win. However, I was awarded Highly Commended and was emailed by Georgine Lamb, the Chief Executive and granddaughter of David Shepherd with the following:

Dear Cy,

I am personally getting in touch with a very small handful of artists who’s pieces were especially singled out in the judging and indeed were contenders as category winners at the very final rounds to share some positive feedback from the judges and to offer you a huge congratulations despite sadly just missing out on winning your category.

Despite this, I do hope that you have still very much enjoyed being part of the exhibition, we have certainly loved featuring your work and as mentioned, it was hugely admired and debated during the final discussions.

I wanted to share with you some specific feedback we got about your incredible piece:

Judge’s comment: ““The medium matches the subject perfectly here. The twisting interlock of branches writhes in a delightful dance of light and shade across the picture plane and for a moment the tangled depths hold us captive: the deer are momentarily still, but any moment they will turn on their dainty feet and skip away, but even then we will still enjoy exploring the intricate landscape.”

Thank you again for entering and supporting this competition.

Very best wishes and we look forward to staying in touch,

Georgina (Peanut) Lamb
Chief Executive
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation 

I was extremely flattered and touched by this very kind gesture. The whole organisation not only does wonderful work, but also seem to be a very nice and thoughtful bunch of people.

You can still check out the online exhibition and my work using the links below. If you follow the link on the right, you should be able to access a pretty cool virtual gallery. Although, I think it’s easier to see all the works on the standard exhibition page.

Thanks hugely,


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