Uganda XII: Chimp River

Original Artwork

Depicting the various characters of one of our closest relatives, this relatively large statement piece of art would add a piece of wild beauty to any room.

Size: 105 x 105cm framed, 100 x 100cm unframed.

Aluminium Print Sizes: Large – 90 x 90cm, Small – 55 x 55cm

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Original Artwork

“As well as our time with the gorillas, we were also lucky enough to also spend an hour or so with a troop of chimps. They were much harder to actually find, as they move so quickly through the trees and they also make much more noise that the gorillas. It was just as special as the gorillas to spend time with personalities that are even closer relatives than the gorillas. There were many options of artwork to do, but at one stage we saw them crossing the river on a log right beside a group of hippos. It was such a special moment, that also revealed the many different characters of the troop, as they crossed the log in many different ways. Some crossed very quickly, some slowly, some with swagger and arrogance, others very tentatively and nervously. I’ve tried to capture this special moment, but also the grandeur of the forest trees the chimps spend so much of their time.

I draw with Uni-ball biros on raw linen canvas. To prepare the surface, I lighten the canvas with a very diluted gesso wash. Once this is dry, I draw with the biro, as I would with pencil on paper. After the drawing is complete, it’s varnished (to fix the ink in place) and more white paint is used to add light and finalise the composition. The ink is actually surprisingly versatile, in terms of its colour. If I want a blue tinge to the work I can layer white oil paint over it, or leave the canvas showing through to leave a sepia tone.”


I make all my own frames for my original artworks, I use mouldings of the finest specification, to ensure they match the quality of the art.


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 5 × 100 cm


Dominant Colour

Black and White







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Aluminium – Large, Aluminium – Small, Paper – Framed, Paper – Unframed

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Original – Framed, Original – Unframed, Limited Edition Aluminium Print – Large, Limited Edition Aluminium Print – Small, Limited Edition Paper Print – Framed, Limited Edition Paper Print – Unframed

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