Night Grooming

Night Grooming

Original Artwork

Capturing the wonderful beauty and character of Britain’s largest carnivore, this unique piece of biro art shows two badgers grooming each other, wonderfully depicting the cooperative nature of these much loved animals. Nothing else can match owning an original piece of art, where you can see and feel the unique textures and every detail of the original artwork.

Size: 75 x 75cm framed, 70 x 70cm unframed.

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Original Artwork

“Badgers really are wonderful creatures, living in clan like groups that can occupy the same sett for generations. They have huge amounts of character, that almost matches their appetite. The inspiration for this piece came from a trip to a hide in the Cairngorm area of Scotland. We were lucky enough to be able to sit, watching 6-8 badgers for well over an hour. It was the way the cooperated that really struck me. A small amount of food had been put out for them, peanuts and peanut butter mostly, and there was no quarrelling at as they hoovered up to food, right down to the last morsel. A few of them started to groom each other before the set off into the night to carry on foraging. To me, this seemed to sum up the cooperative feeling I had, so it was this that I chose to depict in my artwork dedicated to these fantastic animals.

Unprimed linen canvas, stained with a diluted white oil paint, is used as the base for a biro drawing of the subject matter (up to 6 bic biro pens being used. White oil paint is then added to he canvas adding brightness, tone and drama to each work.”


I make all my own frames for my original artworks, I use mouldings, paints and varnishes of the finest specification. The colours are individually selected to match each piece of art, ensuring the best finish possible.


At present, I can only ship to the UK via the website. I can ship to other destinations, but I’ll need you to get in touch, using the contact me form, for a quote if buying from outside the UK.

All the art I sell is packaged extremely carefully, to keep your painting safe for it’s journey, no matter how far. I have years of experience packaging original artworks for transport to all parts of the world, so you can have faith your unique piece of art will arrive safe and sound. This can take some time, especially with original paintings, however, I aim to ship all art within 2 working days.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 5 × 75 cm


Dominant Colour

Black and White







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