Blue Morpho print in light frame
Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho print in dark frame
Front corner of light frame
Front corner of dark frame
Hanger on the back of the print frame

Framed Blue Morpho

Framed Fine Art Print

A beautiful print, of a very striking oil painting, depicting the movement of the very large and iconic blue morpho butterflies of Costa Rica. Flying butterflies are hard enough to focus on in the UK, let alone in the rainforests of Costa Rica, yet this artwork captures that feeling perfectly. It is printed on the finest art paper, mounted on top quality board and framed in the very finest solid wood and glass frame, measuring approximately 55cm x 45.5cm (22″ x 18″).


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Framed Fine Art Print

“For years, I have wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of butterflies and avoid the artwork looking twee. Butterflies are almost too beautiful to paint. However, I felt confident enough, with the transparency style, to attempt a butterfly painting. As we were in Costa Rica, using the country’s most iconic butterfly (Morpho menelaus or blue morpho) for inspiration, just had to be done. It was trying to balance the sense of movement, with the correct level of detail, that was at the core of this piece. The more detail included, the more pinned in place the images became, losing movement. I’m relatively pleased with the outcome, so there will be more butterfly paintings on the way.”

All fine art prints are painstakingly colour matched, printed and mounted by the artist himself. The prints are done on 100% cotton, fine art paper using specialist, colourfast inks, ensuring the highest possible durability of this beautiful image. The mounted print is then set in a top quality solid wood and glass frame, that comes in 2 colour and style options.

The finished framed print measures 55cm x 45.5cm (22″ x 18″).

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 55 × 1.5 × 45.5 cm
Frame Colour

Dark, Light

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