Lion in Biro

Unframed fine art print

The chance to own a signed print of an original piece of artwork, painstakingly hand-drawn in biro over a 40 hour period. This exceptional fine art print, a must for anyone who loves lions, is mounted on top quality board and ready to be framed. The print (including mount) measures 50 x 50cm, which is a standard size, so frames can be bought off the shelf in many retailers, such as Ikea.


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Unframed fine art print

An exceptional piece of art, hand drawn in Bic biro, this fine art print is a must for anyone who loves lions, truly the king of the beasts.

“Lions have played a part in mythology for thousands of years. From the tomb of Tutankhamun to English heraldry, the lion has symbolised strength and bravery. They are the only cats to live in family groups (or prides) which can consist of up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young. Most of the hunting is done by the females, who act cooperatively, with males defending a territory of up to 100 square miles. Lions once roamed across most of Africa, parts of Asia and even Europe. Although, today they are limited to parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Done as a commission for a wonderful couple I met at Blenheim Palace Christmas Fair, I’ve used biro to capture the nobility of these wonderful animals.”

All fine art prints are painstakingly colour matched, printed and mounted by the artist himself. The prints are done on 100% cotton, fine art paper using specialist, colourfast inks, ensuring the highest possible durability of this beautiful image.

The finished unframed print measures 50cm x 50cm (20″ x 20″).

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Dimensions 0.5 × 50 × 50 cm
Dominant Colour

Black and White








Lion, Mammals

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