Giraffe and Oxpecker framed
Giraffe and Oxpecker
Giraffe and Oxpecker Detail
Giraffe and Oxpecker framed edge
Giraffe and Oxpecker framed corner

Giraffe and Oxpecker

Original Artwork

The chance to own a totally unique and beautifully atmospheric piece of wall art, focused on the movement and character of the giraffe. Nothing else can match owning an original piece of art, where you can see and feel the unique textures and every detail of the original artwork, completed in biro and oil paints.

Size: 34 x 34cm framed, 30 x 30cm unframed

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Original Art Drawing

A deceptively simple composition creates a tension and a wonderful sense of movement, whilst at the same time capturing the calm grace and poise of the beautiful giraffe. “We saw quite a few giraffe whilst on safari in Kenya, and I really wanted to create a piece that conveyed the character and graceful movement of these gentle giants. I have used the oxpecker to do this, they’re helpful birds feed on the parasites that infect large animals (as well as getting free rides about the savanna). The simple addition of one bird changes the dynamic of the composition dramatically, getting the mode and movement I was after.”


This art drawing is framed with a pre-built float-frame made from the extremely lightweight hardwood, abachi. You not only get a high quality frame, but using pre-made frames, enables me to deliver framed originals at a very affordable price.


At present, I can only ship to the UK via the website. I can ship to other destinations, but you’ll need to get in touch, using the contact me form, for a quote if buying from outside the UK.

I have years of experience packaging artworks for transport to all parts of the world. This means you can have faith your unique piece of art will arrive safe and sound. This can take some time, especially with original paintings, however, I aim to ship all art within 2 working days.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 35 cm


Dominant Colour

Black and White







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