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Jaguar Commission
Ros and John – May 2022

Wow, and again Wow !!

What an absolute triumph.
The finished result is magnificent and absolutely ‘spot on’ ! We were more than happy to leave the final decision in your very capable hands as we knew you would do it justice, which of course you have in bucket loads and we cannot put into words how lucky we consider ourselves to have met you that very first time at Blenheim Palace and subsequently when we asked you to do our first commission. We just knew when we hung our elephant & calf on the wall that we wanted a second commission done to hang on the same wall.
Our sincerest thanks to you once again and we will treasure both our ‘works of art’ and enjoy looking at them countless times throughout the days, months and years to come. 
Marrakesh man
Mark – October 2021

“I love him!

Can’t stop looking at his expression.
Thank you very much.”
Claire – July 2021

“I recently purchased two prints from Cy – the New Forest and Shelter, absolutely stunning. I am so pleased with them and love the personal touch you get from Cy. I would definitely recommend.”

Jackie – May 2021

“I know I have said it before, but my Mum and Dad would have been absolutely bowled over by what you have done and appreciate it as much as I do.
I look at the picture so many times during the day and smile every time!”

Ros – February 2021

“I sent an image of your artwork to my daughter and she said she was ‘absolutely thrilled’ and that ‘she couldn’t have wanted a better present’. So, there we are – a happy customer!”

Wayne – October 2020

“Just want to let you know I felt like a kiddy at Christmas today receiving two separate parcels with our artworks.  We have been so looking forward to receiving them and needless to say we are not disappointed.  In fact, far from it, they are both absolutely stunning.  If what they say about the pen being mightier than the sword then you my friend must be a deadly assassin in the world of art. Your skill is truly astonishing.  

We considered a number of artists with works of big cats in similar poses to the snow leopard, but none (and there were quite a few) captivated us in a way this one does and I suspect your unique medium is part of that.
I could write endless praise for your works but I’m sure its nothing you haven’t heard before so I’ll spare you the fanatical fan mail and end by saying a massive thank you. We wish you much success in your future endeavours and will be looking forward to seeing your 2021 entry to the DSWF Artist of the year competition.”
Gary Hodges – June 2020

Gary Hodges is a truly wonderful pencil artist, and a judge on the David Shepherd: Wildlife Artist of the Year panel. He said the following about my 2020 entry. But, before you read it, check out his amazing work here

“Cy Baker’s ‘Meet their Eyes’ is a stunning piece of art. It is expertly and sensitively created… and all the more impressive when you realise that just a biro was used, with no room for mistakes. I absolutely love the way he composed it as well, with a great sense of light and atmosphere.”


Alyne and Mike – September 2020

“Having been drawn to the compelling gaze of Cy’s fox and had to settle for a print, being too late to buy the original, we embarked on a commission of Curlews – birds very special to us. Commissioning a picture is a delicate balance between the vision of the client and the skill and creativity of the artist. Too much bias either way can spoil such a collaboration. It was great to work with Cy, in touch with us throughout the process. He made our ideas come to life in a way we had never imagined, and we are totally delighted with the result.”


Alice – December 2019

“I commissioned Cy to create a picture of a highland cow using only biro. The finished piece was amazing and way beyond my expectations. The level of detail and accuracy was outstanding. Throughout the process Cy kept me informed and checked I was happy at regular intervals. I would totally recommend Cy to anyone who wants an idea to come to life in a beautiful piece of art.”

Steve and Michelle – November 2019

“We’re massive fans of Cy’s work having first seen him at Living Crafts at Blenheim. We’ve bought one original and several prints. My wife arranged for a commission as a surprise for our anniversary. We’re both absolutely thrilled with the final artwork. Cy has been an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the commissioning process. The picture has taken pride of place in our home alongside our ever expanding collection. He’s such a talent and we look forward to seeing what masterpieces he produces next.”

Ros and John – October 2019

“We first met Cy at Blenheim Palace two years ago where we saw his fantastic artwork. We pondered on one particular piece, but didn’t go with it at the time….. it’s something we’ve regretted every day since. So, when we met up with Cy again, we commissioned a painting of our own and having now got it on our wall in “pride of place”, we can’t put into words just how thrilled we are and we appreciate even more, the HUGE talent that Cy has and his attention to detail is mind blowing!! Thank you so much Cy, we very much look forward to discussing our next commission with you.”


Paul and Debbie – September 2019

“We wanted two paintings for either side of our fireplace, so contacted Cy, having had such a great experience with a previous commission from him. We’re extremely pleased with the final paintings, which look wonderful in our living room. There was a bit of a wait for Cy to complete other commissions, but they were well worth the wait. If you’re thinking of commissioning Cy, don’t hesitate.”

Ian and Sandra – August 2019

“We met Cy at an exhibition and were impressed by how he captures the light in his paintings. We’d never commissioned a painting before but seeing his work inspired us to consider getting a painting of our grandchildren. Cy helped us understand how we could go about getting images suitable for the two paintings we commissioned from him and we settled on two great photos of the kids climbing a tree. Cy used these to great effect, consulting us as he progressed, listening to our views and striving to capture the kids and their characters – he even came round to the house to see them at play and understand them a little better. We’re really pleased with the two paintings. They are excellent depictions of the kids in an environment they love, climbing trees, which we’ll treasure and hand on to them as adults. And working with Cy was a great pleasure too.”

Janet – February 2019

“The Egret looks great! I have chosen a place for it in the house and am looking forward to its arrival.”
Janet, Southampton

Barry – January 2018

“We look at our picture everyday & Iris loves it, a very special picture of a very special place, with very special memories. Glad we met &Thank you so much. I would definitely use Cy again. Thanks Cy.”
Barry, Wiltshire

Bobbi – January 2018

“I love the swan. Everyone comments on it”
Bobbi, Hampshire

Caroline – October 2018

“Well – I must say – it is one of your good ones!!! I think it is really very good indeed. Thank you, it was perfect”
Caroline, East Sussex

Debbie and Andrew – October 2018

“We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Cy on our painting “Southern Rhone”. We had a feeling we wanted him to capture, which took a bit of explaining. He listened and made suggestions and over time he created just what we wanted. He is a lovely person to work with and has a great talent. So creative! I can’t tell you how excited we are to have the painting in our home. He is on his way now to deliver it and we can’t wait!”
Debbie and Andrew, Southampton

Kevin – July 2018

“Thank you very much for the excellent painting! Job well done – fabulous!”
Kevin, Southampton

Penny and Dave – January 2018

“It looks fantastic, I can’t wait to put it up on the wall.”
Penny, Nottingham

Mike – December 2017

“I’m delighted with the Buff, I love it”
Mike, Jersey

Richard – December 2017

“WOW, WOW. I am really pleased and it’s surpassed expectations. I love the painting, the detail on the owl’s face is fantastic, it looks so real. A very happy client !!”
Richard, Manchester

Red deer commission
Ros – October 2017

“Cy has painted for me a work which he has called ‘Red Dawn.’ On the canvas, he has captured a group of Red Deer standing in a clearing of early morning dew.
At the onset, the picture that I wanted was not properly formed in my mind, but after three meetings, he was able to create the scene that I was struggling to conjure. The result is astounding, and in the words of my eldest grandson: “How does he do it?” The exciting aspect of this commission was that Cy agreed to let my grandchildren take part in the early creative process; this meant that together they helped me decide on the particular species of deer, the composition, the mood and the context of the painting. Ashton and Ruby were even allowed to put some paint on the canvas 🙂
All the way through, Cy listened to my ideas, even when I changed my mind and he had to create a different colour pallet! I now have a very beautiful – and personal -painting on my wall. It surpasses what I had imagined.
Thank you, Cy.”
Ros, Southampton

Pheasant commission
Jason – September 2017

Having bought the Field of Heather painting at the New Forest Show, Jason commissioned me to do a matching piece.
Jason’s comments are below:

“Cy, thank you so much for the fantastic Pheasant painting, it is hanging beautifully in the dining room! This was the first painting we had commissioned, and it was wonderful to receive your updates as the concept developed and to be able to provide input. We will be back for more!”
Jason, Salisbury

Christina – July 2017

“I was the blessed recipient of the amazing crow painting that you were recently commissioned to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

To say that I love it just doesn’t capture how the piece helps me to feel. It is hung where I can see it every day, most of the day. Crows are my spirit animal and they help me to feel grounded and at peace, so when I look at it, I feel at home, and there is no better feeling than that.

Your work is amazing and the details astonishing!!! To capture the essence of a crow is very challenging because of its monochromatic colouring, but you have brought it to life with your attention to every detail, no matter how small! The eye is spectacular!

You are beyond talented and I feel incredibly privileged to have a piece of your work.

Thank you again for creating such a magical piece just for me! I am so very grateful.

Much love and gratitude” Christina, Canada

The View commission
Paul and Debbie – June 2017

Paul and Debbie had previously bought a painting from me (Ancient Oak) and got in contact asking me to do an interpretation of the view from the back of their house.

“Thank you for getting your painting up to us, we really love it, and it’s just what we wanted. We love the depth and wildness that you have captured.”

Max – May 2017

Max wanted something special for his Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday.

“It was my first time commissioning a painting. It was for my girlfriend’s 21st, so it had to be something special. I wanted to find something that meant an awful lot to both of us, but also was a stunning centrepiece for the house.

However, the painting was not how I had imagined it. It was even better than I had thought! Cy could not have delivered better on both of those points.

Cy has a true gift for representing the message behind his work, guiding you through the process, as well as going the extra mile and managing to get the piece done for the big day!

Amazing work and I could not be happier – I will definitely ask Cy to do some work in the future. 10/10.”

Val – March 2017

A commission for a very good friend this time. I’ve known Val for years and she always tries to get to the Lake District at least once a year and asked me to do a painting of her favourite place on the planet.

“Just had to say again that I LOVE my painting and thank you so much for capturing my ‘soul place’ so perfectly.”

Matt and Sara – December 2016

A commission for  a birthday present. Below are the reviews from the customer who commissioned the work (Matt) and the recipient (Sara).


I’ve never commissioned artwork before so having decided on a special present for my lovely Sara, I suddenly realised how intimidating a plan this might be. How will the artist understand my needs? How will the result compare to my mind’s eye? Will she like it? This had worried me for a couple of years as I wanted to get this right.

Full disclosure; I’d known Cy through other business for a few years but not of his secret talent. Following an unexpected and serendipitous conversation I checked out his website. Maybe you should too.

So, I made my decision to go for it. Not only was the product of this decision exceptional, but the experience of creating it was too. It was fascinating to engage and share views and ideas in the early stages, and see how the work developed from start to finish, and very rewarding.

Cy’s skill, understanding and attention to detail are evident. He captured my vision just so, the style was perfect and throughout his engagement and suggestions had me enthused. Making me feel so involved put aside my worries – he checked every detail to make sure I was happy throughout.

The art itself just blew our minds. The framing and posing, the art style, the sentiment captured, the details being just perfect and the overall impression. I couldn’t have imagined that this could work out so well. I hope that others get to experience Cy’s work in the way I did, his talent just shined through the entire process and is now shining on our wall as a dream realised.

If you are, like me, an amateur appreciator of art, not sure of where to start, appreciative of independent talent and enterprise and maybe in need of a helping hand to get started in strange new sphere, I could not recommend any higher than getting in touch with Cy Baker.

Thanks Cy, amazing job!


I love my amazing painting. Cy has captured my beautiful whippets perfectly, their personalities radiate from the canvas. Thank you so much! Sara

Caroline – October 2016

Caroline had seen one of my paintings when visiting her sister, and decided to commission me to do a piece for her. She particularly liked the idea of a night painting and decided to go for a dramatic piece with an owl flying straight out of the canvas at you. Her feedback was as simple as it was positive:

“The Short-eared Owl is fantastic!!!”

Paul – Dec 2015

Paul’s latest commission was for a large (13 square feet) painting of a Black Bear in the woods on his Canadian home.

“The Meeting – my wife commented that she didn’t have enough good descriptive compliments to tell you how much she loved your painting. But I could have started with “atmospheric”, “beautiful”, “creative” and just kept going all the way to “z”.

We started with my idea and with your understanding and creative abilities, and an occasional email suggestion from me, we collaborated and ended up with an amazing “zoological” composition. Those are my trees, my river, my owls and I just need to now meet my bear … it really couldn’t have turned out any better.”

Field of Gold commission
Dan – Dec 2015

Dan and his girlfriend saw my field of gold painting in the Southern Nature Art Exhibition and wanted to buy it, but it had already sold. Dan contacted me and asked for another version of it, for his girlfriends Christmas present. I made a few changes to the work (making it a male Whitethroat etc) and completed it in plenty of time for Christmas.

After Christmas day Dan sent me the following email:

“Hello Cy,

It was fantastic, everything I could have hoped for. She cried when she got it!

She wanted to call you as soon as she got it, to say thank you, but we thought best not on Christmas Day!

Again thank you very very much.”

Brian – Sep 2013

“The “Old Companions” was a great success! – Hazel loved it.

The picture is really excellent – I love it. You’ve got the old Grevy’s zebra and wildebeest exactly right. They look old and tired just as I imagined them and you’ve caught the zebra’s ears exactly – if you watch them at Marwell their ears are continuously moving independently in every direction.

As before the picture emphasises the heat and dust and with a huge number of animals on the move, as far as the eye can see.

It’s exactly what I had in my mind! I’m delighted with the picture. I also like your “trademark” orientation of the main focus to one side of the picture – it works really well.”

Paul – Mar 2012

Paul’s first commission was for a Bald Eagle painting that was inspired by the fact he had Bald Eagles visiting his Canadian home.

“Having met Cy for the first time at the 2011 Marwell exhibition it was immediately clear to me that he had a great understanding and affinity for his subject matter and how they interacted with the natural environment. I therefore had no hesitation in offering him a commission to create a stunning portrait of one of Canada’s greatest creatures, the Bald Eagle.

Together we created an original and somewhat inspiring representation of the bird’s strength and grandeur which now takes pride of place in my Canadian home. A fantastic addition to my art collection.”

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