Morning, So, this could be the finished Little Owl. As ever, I’m not 100% certain yet. Putting the white on, in the

Long Overdue Little Owl update

Morning, A quick update this morning. There’s a big jump in progress with the little owl as I’ve been working away at

Framed original Morning on the Lake

Morning, A couple of updates for you this morning. Firstly, and somewhat unbelievably, another exhibition has decided to give me an award.

The question is, can you spot the bird that got me so excited on a walk the other day? As a bit

Sunset I

There are a couple of things to update you on today. Firstly; there is a new piece of work to share. Unusually,

Morning, Hopefully you got the chance to watch the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards on Tuesday evening. If you

Trees seem to be becoming more and more of an inspiration to me and here are 2 pieces inspired by an oak

Wildlife Artist of he Year

Morning! There are 2 events to tell you about this morning. One is an award ceremony and the other is my first

My best work yet?

Over 120 hours work, 15 square foot of canvas and 6 beautiful deer from the New Forest. That’s what has gone into

Click to play video about the artwork

Getting things done can seem to take such a long time. I can’t even remember how long ago I first thought of

Heron in the back garden

Wildlife Encounter

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, right there, feet from our back bedroom window, was a Heron. I’d been looking out of

Charcoal tree drawing

Morning! Another one of those times has come along again. If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that every now

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