New Place, New Views, New Wildlife

We’ve moved to our new painting location, which is north of Jaco, but still on the west coast of Costa Rica.

Everything feels very different, we don’t see as much wildlife, but we’re still seeing lots. There are at least 4 species of birds nesting very close. We’ve never been able to view birds as closely as we have here. In some cases only 2 feet away! We’ve also seen Scarlet Macaws every single day we’ve been here. Sometimes a long way away, but we’ve still seen them!

What’s so charming is that they’re virtually always in mating pairs. You do occasionally see a group of three, but I can only assume that it’s a juvenile with it’s parents. Even rarer is the odd Macaw on its own. So, it’s either a youngster waiting to pair up, or an older bird whose partner has died. Don’t worry though, although they are monogamous, they will pair up again if required.

The small, but beautiful Inca Dove

Another favourite of mine is the small, but beautifully formed Inca Dove. They’re about a third of the size of doves and pigeons back home,  and are blessed with the most beautiful call. The  2 above are definitely pairing off.

The beach here is much closer, but in all honesty, not as beautiful as the one in Manuel Antonio. Not that we’re complaining, when you get to see the views below!

A spot of sunset fishing

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