My Biggest Work Yet


I really hope this finds you and yours all very well indeed?

I have a few images as an update on how things are progressing with the large lion piece. So, starting with where I left off the last one, below is the finished (at least in the ink work) tree that acts as the backdrop for the main lion. Well, I say “main” lion, but I feel the narrative is all around the female and juveniles, but compositionally, it’s mainly about the male.

The next image is another one of me at work, that hopefully shows the scale of the whole work, although I am actually quite a bit further along now, as you’ll see in the next image.

This is where I put my money where my mouth is, in terms of being completely honest. There are 2 things I need to share:

The first is to say that I think I’ve made a couple of mistakes here.

I’m not sure I’ve got the head of the lioness quite right, but the good news is that I don’t think it’s so fundamental I can’t fix it later. I’m not panicked at this point as I need to live with her for a while to see what, if anything, needs to change. I also started one of the cob far too small, so you may be able to spot one with an extra pair of small ears 🙂 don’t worry though, that too will be fixed later down the line.

The second thing is that, if I didn’t know this before now, grass is a complete nightmare! It’s so difficult. This is now not only the largest piece I’ve done, but the biggest challenge I think I’ve ever faced artistically. Phew, and I’ve only done a small amount of the grass!! Hopefully, what I’ve done so far looks ok though?

Do let me know your thoughts on any of the mistakes or work so far, I always love a bit of feedback.

I’ve kept it short this time as I really did ramble on a bit last time 🙂

Thanks again and all the best,


3 Responses

  1. Hi Cy. I was at the Mall gallery yesterday and discovered your work for the first time. I didn’t get a chance to chat with you, but i must just say CONGRATULATIONS and well done on your AMAZING paintings. They are extraordinary . I am visiting the gallery again tomorrow, so if you are there again i will be sure to say hi in person.
    Anyway, i wish you all the very best with your paintings in the future.

    Best wishes, Ray.

    1. Hi Ray, Thank you so much for your kind comments, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the show! I am indeed going to be back in the gallery today, so it would be great to see you there and have a chat. All the best, Cy

  2. Hello Cy
    We met at The Mall galleries & had quite a long chat about your work & trip & I think your work is amazing. I wrote an article for my local art group about your wonderful art and I had a go myself on our next trip out! This want too successful as I sought advice from Smiths for a light fast & waterproof biro & ended up with a roller ball that wasn’t waterproof, as we had a downpour & we all got soaked! Can you please let have the name of the biro you use?
    I love your new piece & can’t wait to see how you progress kind regards. Jeannie (fellow wildlife artist & keen safarist!)

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