Another one of those times has come along again.

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that every now and then I try to get myself creating art outdoors, I’ve had many tries and nothing has quite stuck. The issue was, I hadn’t managed to find a way that’s quick and matches the style of my studio work. The idea being, to be able to work outside and use the end product as either completed artworks, or as the basis for some studio work. I’m far too excited because I think I may have finally found the right tool for the job.

I’ve no idea why I didn’t think of charcoal before. I used it at school, for my A’ levels and during my OND studies, it’s immediate, far more forgiving than biro (as you can rub it out 🙂 and it ends up looking pretty similar to my biro work. I can use it outside and in the studio, to work out my compositions. It’s been at the heart of art for centuries and I’ve only just thought of it!!! What a fool.

Well I have now and this is my first preparatory sketch. I can’t wait to get outside and try it out!

Of course this may be another false start and you’ll never hear me mention it again (this won’t be the first time it’s happened), but I’m loving it for now, so I’m going to revel in the moment.

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