Some new work in progress to show you this morning, but before I do, please forgive a small amount of narcissism, although I promise not to gaze too long at my own reflection.

As you know, I currently have 2 works in David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition. One of the judges is Gary Hodges (follow the link to his website) who is a very well known wildlife artist, with his very own Wikipedia page! He, very generously, mentioned my snow leopard piece (above) on his FaceBook page and after I thanked him he said the following

“My pleasure Cy. Your artwork is beautiful and so expertly and sensitively created. I loved the way you composed it as well, with great light. Not much consolation, but it narrowly missed out on a ‘highly commended’ judgement.”

To say I was flattered is a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, that’s enough of that! On to the…

New work

It’s a welcome return to landscape this time and see below for a partial glimpse of what I’ve been working on today:

Starting Coastal Plover

It’s a coastal scene in Cornwall, a little cove, very near St Agnes, there’s a way to go yet, but I’ll keep you updated on progress.

We continue to live in extraordinary times, with controversy and deteriorating international relations laid on top of everything else. However, I believe we are still exceptionally lucky to be in the country we are (although not without its issues!) and there’s still plenty to be thankful for. So, it’s with a smile that I sign off. 

All the best and stay safe,

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