First Costa Rica Artwork!!

Phew, first piece finished… well, assuming I don’t make any changes once I get it home that is!

Hummingbirds was the first piece I chose to do. See all the details here:


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  1. Gosh, Cy! You have really delivered that beautiful bird in full motion: a true ‘flight of the imagination.’
    I also admire the rippling, turquoise background. It works well with the dark, metallic feathers of the hummingbird’s body. Just wonderful.
    Looking forward to whatever follows next 🙂

    1. Thanks Ros, really appreciated! I enjoyed doing it so much and really count ourselves lucky to be out here whilst doing artwork, a real blessing!

  2. Cy , looking forward to a new commission when you return . Go get inspired , what you have done so far looks superb . Caroline

    1. Caroline, just noticed your comment, sorry for the late reply. Thanks very much for your kind words, I’m overloaded with inspiration to be honest, there’s so much out here!!!

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