We’ve made it to the Mall Galleries!

Well, we’ve finally made it! After being announced as the winner of Wildlife Artist of the Year in August last year, our trip to Uganda in February and over 6 months worth of work, we’ve arrived at the Mall Galleries. The team here have been exceptional, you know you’ve arrived somewhere special when you have […]

See Me on the Local News!

As you may already know, and please forgive me if you’ve already seen or heard, but it’s all very surreal and I wanted to share! In a strange turn of events, BBC South Today featured me on the local news a couple of weeks, or so, ago. I was then also contacted by BBC Radio […]

Yet More Brand New Work!

Another update for you on progress for the exhibition in September (click here for details). There’s another finished piece (see below) inspired by one of the last wildlife encounters we had on the Ugandan trip. We had returned to Entebbe, ready to fly home the next day, but having a bit of time, we went […]

Brand New Work!

Leopard Cub

Preparations are motoring on for the upcoming Mall Galleries exhibition. I mentioned that I’d managed to finish a couple of other pieces in my last email, so here they are! The leopard cub above is a smaller piece (50cm x 50cm) and the story behind it is that we were leaving one of the lodges […]

The Lions, Grass and More Grass are FINISHED!!!

It’s been a while, but I hope you haven’t missed me too much 🙂 The thing that has taken me away from my computer if finishing the lions and a couple of other pictures (watch out for them soon!), but the main news here is that, after over 240 hours of work, the lions are […]

Lions, Grass, Lions, Grass, Grass, Grass!!!

Hopefully you had a great time over Easter. We had family and lots of grandchildren staying, so we had a wonderfully, boisterous and fun filled time. As far as the art goes, it’s mostly been getting my head down working on the lion piece that is my entry into Wildlife Artist of the Year. As […]

My Biggest Work Yet: Update

I really hope this finds you and yours all very well indeed? I have a few images as an update on how things are progressing with the large lion piece. So, starting with where I left off the last one, below is the finished (at least in the ink work) tree that acts as the […]

My Biggest Work Yet

Morning! I really hope this finds you and yours all very well indeed? I have a few images as an update on how things are progressing with the large lion piece. So, starting with where I left off the last one, below is the finished (at least in the ink work) tree that acts as […]

Uganda 16th Feb: UCF and lions, lions, lions

We got to spend yet more time with Jimmy from UCF today, but in Murchison Falls, rather than Queen Elizabeth National Park. Yet again he showed us his knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for his work. He really is truly inspiring. We spent the morning (another very early start, but worth it in every way) tracking […]

Uganda 12th – 15th Feb: It’s All About Safari

Rather than witter on here about everything, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking. Suffice it to say, we went out on safari both days and had a wonderful time, seeing alsorts of things. The highlights for me have to be the general landscape, the lion encounters and finally managing to photograph running […]

Uganda 11th Feb: Travel to Murchison Falls National Park

I think this has to be the day that sums up the whole trip in a single incident. Leopards are well known to be secretive animals and not seen anywhere near as often as other cats. Sightings aren’t extremely rare, they do happen, but infrequently. As you can read in a previous post we were […]

Uganda 10th Feb: Chimpanzees and a Boat Trip

This country has delivered yet another extraordinary day. We started nice and early, as we were off to try and find a group of Chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge, below. It was a very different experience to the gorilla trek. As the chimps move so fast through the forest. As a result, it’s impossible to keep […]

Uganda 9th Feb: UCF

The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) is the entire reason we’re here and we’ve just spent the day with 2 of the team, Jimmy and Dennis. Having spent a short amount of time with them, it has become so clear that they really do extraordiinary work, and I mean extraordinary! With very limited resources and people […]

Uganda 8th Feb: Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After a couple of nights at Bwindi, we moved on to Queen Elizabeth National Park today, about a 4 hour drive. As a result, there was time to do a safari and we had an incredible encounter with a lone bull elephant. We suddenly came upon him and we were so close our emotions were […]

Uganda 7th Feb: Gorillas!

Well, this was a day long awaited. Ever since seeing David Attenborough spend time with gorillas as a child, it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do. So, today the 44 year wait came to an end. It really was unbelievable, so much so, I know I completely lack the ability to articulate it properly. […]

Uganda 6th Feb: Humbling Lessons

Another driving day today. However, it really was extremely humbling. We saw lots of wonderful wildlife, and the black-shouldered kite may be another piece of art, or may replace the grey kestrel on a cacti. Although, all that pales into insignificance when complared to the lesson we received on the life many Ugandans live when […]

Uganda 4th – 5th Feb

Our adventure starts with a very late night arrival (about 1am) at our Entebbe hotel. This really is a stop off hotel as we’re being collected by our driver/guide for the majority of our stay at 10 in the morning. We debated long and hard about whether to simply drive ourselves around Uganda, or to […]

New work NOT from Canada!!

Pennines II: Lone Tree

Morning, It’s been a long time, so I’d forgive you for forgetting, but I do sometimes complete work inspired by other places than Canada! There are a couple of pieces to share, which were started before going to Canada. The first one is from a magical walk in the North Pennines during our UK trip […]

The Third and Penultimate Work from Canada

Canada III: Golden

Morning, It’s back to new Canadian artworks this morning. In the same town where we stayed (Golden) there was a great walk by the Kicking Horse River and there was this wonderful view where the river bent around the mountainside. It was right beside the railway and a campsite, so nowhere near as idyllic a […]

Calendars Are Back! 2023 Calendars Now Available

A very short post this morning, just to let you know that, after a couple of years off because of the pandemic, my calendars are back. There’s free postage on all orders as well. Please click on the image below to see which 12 artworks made the cut. That’s it, I said it would be […]

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