Finished Little Owl(?) and the start of an adventure

Morning, So, this could be the finished Little Owl. As ever, I’m not 100% certain yet. Putting the white on, in the way I have, has created a surprisingly cold light, but I think I like it. I’ve made the light catching the tree a pure white and the background not as bright. This creates […]

Long Overdue Little Owl update

Morning, A quick update this morning. There’s a big jump in progress with the little owl as I’ve been working away at Hampshire Open Studios (as you know) and now that I’m back in the Studio I’ve managed to finish off the ink work. White paint is the next step, which means it should be […]

Another Award and the first marks for the Little Owl

Framed original Morning on the Lake

Morning, A couple of updates for you this morning. Firstly, and somewhat unbelievably, another exhibition has decided to give me an award. I can’t quite believe it, but the Society of Graphic Fine Art (an incredible organisation that’s just over 100 years old) has awarded me the Dry Red Press Award for my work “Morning […]

Another thrilling wildlife encounter!

The question is, can you spot the bird that got me so excited on a walk the other day? As a bit of a clue, it’s slightly bigger than the song thrush. I have to admit, before I did a bit of research, I thought it was a native species. I now know it was […]

New work, plus visit my first dedicated art fair for free.

Sunset art

There are a couple of things to update you on today. Firstly; there is a new piece of work to share. Unusually, this isn’t the first showing for this piece, as I did show it at Cirencester Craft Fair a week or so ago, but hopefully you’ll forgive me!? It’s my first dedicated sunset artwork […]

So close, but I just missed out

Morning, Hopefully you got the chance to watch the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards on Tuesday evening. If you didn’t I can put your mind at rest, I didn’t win. However, I was awarded Highly Commended and was emailed by Georgine Lamb, the Chief Executive and granddaughter of David Shepherd with the […]

Brand new work – It’s all about the trees

Trees seem to be becoming more and more of an inspiration to me and here are 2 pieces inspired by an oak from the New Forest and a Scots Pine from a local war cemetery. Rather than forcing you to read all about them here, simply click on the images to learn all about the […]

Free stuff! Tickets to my first show and a free online award ceremony

Wildlife Artist of he Year

Morning! There are 2 events to tell you about this morning. One is an award ceremony and the other is my first show in 18 months. It seems odd to be talking about things like shows again, but I’m thrilled to get back out there and meet people again! Grab Your Free Tickets Let’s start […]

My best work yet?

Over 120 hours work, 15 square foot of canvas and 6 beautiful deer from the New Forest. That’s what has gone into this piece of work, and I think it might just be my best yet. Although, I can be very fickle, so who knows. I guess it’s not really for me to judge. The […]

It has taken me years to finally get this done!

Getting things done can seem to take such a long time. I can’t even remember how long ago I first thought of doing videos for each piece of art, chatting (very briefly) about why and how each piece was done, but I’ve finally done it! On my website, underneath the main image of each artwork, […]

Wildlife Encounter

Heron in the back garden

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, right there, feet from our back bedroom window, was a Heron. I’d been looking out of the window for a while, completely unaware of the wildlife encounter waiting for me. The heron made me jump as I finally noticed it, stood on the garden fence. The bird looked huge […]

Getting over excited by art… again

Charcoal tree drawing

Morning! Another one of those times has come along again. If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that every now and then I try to get myself creating art outdoors, I’ve had many tries and nothing has quite stuck. The issue was, I hadn’t managed to find a way that’s quick and matches […]

For Your Eyes Only!

Oystercatchers in progress

A sneak peek (before anyone else) into my latest work, or at least a small part of it. It’s not finished yet, but I’m almost there, and once I’ve framed it, I’ll be able to finish the video, showing the whole project from end to end. You’ll be the first to see that as well. […]

News from the Easel

Working on all this new art is an absolute joy! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to focus so much. There’s going to be a new video coming out, showing my entire creative process from beginning to end. It will show how I get my ideas, build and prep canvases, paint […]

Art is back!

Me drawing the Masai Leopard

In between work and the occasional art paintings, I’ve been thinking about the last year. It’s very difficult to know what to say. I mean, it’s really been a humdinger. Although, I’m not sure I need to say anything really. So many people, far more eloquent than me, have said so much, and you know […]

Exciting News

Misty Mooring framed

This is the first email I’ve sent for what feels like about a year, but is, in fact, only 3 months. It comes as a result of one of my pieces getting into the Royal Society of Marine Artists annual exhibition. I’ve come close a few times to getting in, making it to the final […]

Quick New Work Update

A very quick update this morning, nothing other than a quick update on progress with my latest work, a landscape of the north Cornish coast. I’m enjoying working on it, probably a bit too much, with all the other things I need to be getting on with at the moment! I think the signs are […]

Flattery from the stars and new work

Snow Leopard

Some new work in progress to show you this morning, but before I do, please forgive a small amount of narcissism, although I promise not to gaze too long at my own reflection. As you know, I currently have 2 works in David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition. One of the judges is […]

Covid-19, New Work and Events

Starting is often the hardest thing to do with these emails, but this time, that’s more true than ever. It’s incredible how much time we all spend talking about Covid-19; the extraordinary times we’re currently living through; the tragic experiences that some are having, for all sorts of reasons; the different ways communities are dealing […]