In between work and the occasional art paintings, I’ve been thinking about the last year. It’s very difficult to know what to say. I mean, it’s really been a humdinger. Although, I’m not sure I need to say anything really. So many people, far more eloquent than me, have said so much, and you know how you are. I just hope you’re OK and haven’t been too badly affected.

The main news from the studio, is that I’m now back working on my art full time, and it feels wonderful. It’s been almost a year of working in a proper job, and although I was incredibly lucky, to be able to work pretty much full time throughout the pandemic (thank you Capita!), it feels a little bit like coming home.

I’ve had 2 weeks now and you can see what art paintings I’ve been working on below. There are also a number of competitions and events lined up, you can read all about the ones I currently know about by following this link.

The Leopard has been entered into the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021. Although, I’ve yet to hear if anything has been accepted, so, hopefully, I’ll soon be emailing you soon with some good news!

As ever, I wish you all the best for health, well-being and an imminent vaccine.


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