A couple of updates for you this morning. Firstly, and somewhat unbelievably, another exhibition has decided to give me an award. I can’t quite believe it, but the Society of Graphic Fine Art (an incredible organisation that’s just over 100 years old) has awarded me the Dry Red Press Award for my work “Morning on the Lake”. Essentially, each year one piece of art is selected for the award and Dry Red Press (who are a greetings card manufacturer) then produce a card from it, to become part of their award winner series. If you’re interested, you can see the cards by following this link to their website.

The second update, is that after telling you about our thrilling wildlife encounter with a little owl a few weeks ago, I have finally started work trying to capture the experience in a piece of art. The main thing I’m going for, is for the owl itself to not be very obvious, so the viewer has to hunt for it a bit, as that was exactly what happened to us. Right now there’s very little to see so far, but what there is, makes the owl very obvious :-). However, it is 15cm long on a meter square canvas, so as the work progresses, the owl will gradually hide itself away.

I’ll be sending out regular updates, although I do have quite a few commissions to work on, so the updates may be a bit irregular!

Thanks hugely, once again, and have a wonderful weekend.


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