Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist



I take great pride in my prints. I do all the colour matching and printing myself, so you can guarantee as close a colour match to the original as is humanly possible.

They are all printed onto the highest quality fine art paper, with original colourfast inks, ensuring you will have a lifetimes pleasure from your signed print.

You can purchase either framed or unframed version of each picture on this site.

The unframed versions are packed in clear celophone bags and are all produced to standard frame sizes, so selcting your own frame could not be easier. You can go to a framers to get that extra special frame, or simply go to a high street shop and pick up a standard frame.

The framed versions are mounted in solid wooden and glass frames of very high quality. There are 2 choices of frame dark and light. I tend to hand pick which one goes with each picture, but can supply them in either verion.

Please contact me using this contact form with any enquiries.