Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist


Red Deer

Red Deer in Bracken





£65- A3 Framed Print

£45 - A3 Unframed Print


Red Deer are unquestionably special animals. Among many other traits, they are Britain's largest land mammal. Autumn is special time for them, as it's when the rut takes place. As a result, they have been immortalised in many pieces of art. However, I wanted to bring something original to this piece of art, trying to capture their majesty and the fact they are only one part of their environment.

I've used the blurred effect, created by the camera, to add to the sense of depth and infinity created by the field of bracken.

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All original paintings, if available, use hand-made frames that are painted to the finest specifications. The colours are individually selected to match each piece of art, ensuring the best finish possible. The frames for prints (if available) are standard sized, pre-made, frames that are solid wood and made to the highest quality.


At present, I can only ship to the UK via the web site. A contribution to shipping costs has been included in the price to make things easier.

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