Cy Baker

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Penny and Willow

Penny and Willow


I don't do too many pet portraits a year, but this was a special one. I'll leave the rest to the customer's feedback.

"I've never commissioned artwork before so having decided on a special present for my lovely Sara, I suddenly realised how intimidating a plan this might be. How will the artist understand my needs? How will the result compare to my mind's eye? Will she like it? This had worried me for a couple of years as I wanted to get this right.

Full disclosure; I'd known Cy through other business for a few years but not of his secret talent. Following an unexpected and serendipitous conversation I checked out his website. Maybe you should too.

So, I made my decision to go for it. Not only was the product of this decision exceptional, but the experience of creating it was too. It was fascinating to engage and share views and ideas in the early stages, and see how the work developed from start to finish, and very rewarding.

Cy's skill, understanding and attention to detail are evident. He captured my vision just so, the style was perfect and throughout his engagement and suggestions had me enthused. Making me feel so involved put aside my worries - he checked every detail to make sure I was happy throughout.

The art itself just blew our minds. The framing and posing, the art style, the sentiment captured, the details being just perfect and the overall impression. I couldn't have imagined that this could work out so well. I hope that others get to experience Cy's work in the way I did, his talent just shined through the entire process and is now shining on our wall as a dream realised.

If you are, like me, an amateur appreciator of art, not sure of where to start, appreciative of independent talent and enterprise and maybe in need of a helping hand to get started in strange new sphere, I could not recommend any higher than getting in touch with Cy Baker.

Thanks Cy, amazing job!"