Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist


Red Deer Commission

Red Morning


A very good friend of ours has been thinking of a piece of artwork for a while and I've recently had the absolute joy of completing this piece for her. There was a particular atmosphere she wanted; a cold crisp morning that could almost be any time of the year.

The idea was to capture a moment when you may just have been spotted by a group of deer who could be off any second, but they're just waiting to see what you're going to do.

You can read Ros' feedback below:

"Cy has painted for me a work which he has called ‘Red Dawn.’ On the canvas, he has captured a group of Red Deer standing in a clearing of early morning dew.

At the onset, the picture that I wanted was not properly formed in my mind, but after three meetings, he was able to create the scene that I was struggling to conjure. The result is astounding, and in the words of my eldest grandson: “How does he do it?” The exciting aspect of this commission was that Cy agreed to let my grandchildren take part in the early creative process; this meant that together they helped me decide on the particular species of deer, the composition, the mood and the context of the painting. Ashton and Ruby were even allowed to put some paint on the canvas :)

All the way through, Cy listened to my ideas, even when I changed my mind and he had to create a different colour pallet! I now have a very beautiful - and personal -painting on my wall. It surpasses what I had imagined.

Thank you, Cy."