Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist


Black Bear

Black Bear


Having completed the Bald Eagle, the same client asked me to do a significantly larger piece including a black bear. The creation of this work was far more involved, with lots of preparatory work creating the right composition, colours and feel for the client, with his constant input. This piece is as much his as it is mine.

After seeing the completed work for the first time, he said:

"The Meeting - my wife commented that she didn't have enough good descriptive compliments to tell you how much she loved your painting. But I could have started with "atmospheric", "beautiful", "creative" and just kept going all the way to "z". We started with my idea and with your understanding and creative abilities, and an occasional email suggestion from me, we collaborated and ended up with an amazing "zoological" composition. Those are my trees, my river, my owls and I just need to now meet my bear ... it really couldn't have turned out any better."