Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist


Ancient Oak

Bald Eagle


The client for this had been inspired by seeing local Bald Eagles on his property in Nova Scotia, Canada. He had seen and liked my Black Bear painting, and wanted a piece with a similar feel. I took a trip to the local Bird of Prey Centre to view and capture reference.

He liked the work saying:

"Having met Cy for the first time at the 2011 Marwell exhibition it was immediately clear to me that he had a great understanding and affinity for his subject matter and how they interacted with the natural environment. I therefore had no hesitation in offering him a commission to create a stunning portrait of one of Canada's greatest creatures, the Bald Eagle.

Together we created an original and somewhat inspiring representation of the bird's strength and grandeur which now takes pride of place in my Canadian home. A fantastic addition to my art collection."