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What is style?

LogoStyle is a bit of a sod, to be completely frank. It’s something I’ve been wittering on about for ages, boring anyone who will listen, about how important it is.

It’s the various things about how you do your art, that makes it recognisable as yours. Instantly.

Your style is basically your brand. Companies pay millions trying to create a good one and then get brand recognition. So yours is very valuable to you.

That’s not to say it can’t change, in my opinion it has to, otherwise you stagnate as an artist. All you have to do is look at David Bowie

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Shop now fully open

Snowy Owl CardMy online shop is now fully open. You can now buy cards and prints, as well as originals, through paypal.

See all selections here www.cybaker.co.uk/shop 

I’ve designed 20 different cards featuring my artwork and they’re printed on top quality card, giving each one a unique textured, matte finish. www.cybaker.co.uk/cards

All prints are  done on paper specifically made for fine art prints, producing clear, sharp, faithfull representations of the originals that will last over 100 years. www.cybaker.co.uk/prints

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Rediscovering Watercolour



Well, it’s back to watercolour after all these years! I haven’t really used them since giving up illustration, about 20 years ago. However, I wanted to try some small, fast, painting and watercolour is ideal for this.

I had a great time, who would have thought it, I guess when you’ve used them day in, day out, for over 10 years, all that accrued experience stays with you.

You can see all the results below (click on each one to see larger images), but I have to admit, I’m very happy with the outcome.

The painting was so much quicker, I was able to do at least one painting a day, and the whole experience was very freeing creatively. I’m moving on to some portraiture next, which will be much larger (I just can’t resist painting big!), so I hope to be able to carry that freedom into my new work.

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Happy New Year!

happy new year

Wishing everyone the best possible year, that will be 2016!

New Year is a funny time, looking back at great times, regrets, fun, laughter, as well as looking to the future. To sum it all up; forget New Year’s resolutions, just make it as great as it can be!!

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Happy Christmas!

nativity treeThis is just a very happy Christmas post. It’s a unique time of year that holds so many meanings for different people; loved ones, presents, alcohol, spirituality, food, absent friends and family.

Whatever it means to you, have a great one.

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Plein Air Art (otherwise known as painting outdoors)

Towan BeachSince leaving college (about 20 years ago) I’ve not done any outdoor art, but recently, it’s been on my mind to try it again. So, on a trip down to Cornwall, I did just that. You can see the result on my main site here Unfortunately, I only got to do 40 minutes before the rain drove me away, (I know, what a fair weather artist!) I then finished the piece back in the studio.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome, certainly happy enough to want to do it again, as I thought it changed the painting experience for the better. I feel my brain goes into a meditative state when I’m painting (if it’s going well!) and an article in the Huffington post, about how art improves the brain, makes for very interesting reading:


When I was outside, I felt the creative process was

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Producing Prints

It’s verys-print-prep interesting the way working on your prints changes the way you relate to your art. A great way of making your work more affordable, in the past I’ve always handed my art over to a printer to do the scanning and colour matching for me. Now I’m doing my own and I’ve really enjoyed it!

The main things I’ve learnt are:

  • There’s far more to an image than I thought, what with brightness, contrast, levels, curves, exposures and colour balances all affecting the way it looks on the screen. You then have software, monitor and printer colour interpretation to think about…
  • All the above can get a bit frustrating when that one image just won’t go right and you have to decide on whether to try another tweak, and use another sheet of that very expensive, top quality paper, or trust that it’ll be fine.
  • Again as a result of the above, you need to chill out. Getting obsessive won’t help the print be any better, or your blood pressure.
  • Having said that, your art is worth the work, the end product has to be very, very good, but you can go too far!
  • It makes for a great way to reflect on your art and see where you want to go next. I’ve been looking back over 10 years worth of work, it’s been a real experience.
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing how the prints are received, out there in the commercial world.
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Buy Originals here

buyAfter much deliberation and work, you can now buy originals straight from my website. You can see everything I have for sale on my Originals for Sale page.

Come back soon, as I’m working very hard on making prints and cards available as well. They should be available real soon.

A few examples of what’s for sale right now are below:

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Commission Finished!

Black BearIt’s taken a long time, but the Black Bear commission is now finished. Well… when I say finished, it’s reached, what I call, the first finish line. I’ll have to live with it for a while to see what changes I want to make, as after working on this for over 200 hours, there are bound to be things I’ll want to alter. You can see how the work progressed below.

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Field of Gold II Commission


Whilst still working on the Black Bear, I’ve received a commission to do another Field of Gold painting. The client saw the first one in the Southern Nature Art Exhibition, but it had already sold. I’ve made a few changes, there is now a male Whitethroat in the field of rapeseed for example. Hopefully making this a truly unique Christmas present.


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