Wildlife Artist of the Year

Buffalo28 June – 2 July:

“Buffalo” has been selected as a finalist in the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. I’m extremely proud that one of my paintings has been shortlisted and will be in the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

The Exhibition runs from the 28 June to the 2 July. There is some truly wonderful work included, so do go along if you get the chance. You can see all the artwork on the exhibitions website. It’s run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, which does a huge amount of conservation work.

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Patchings Art Festival

PatchingsI’ve recently returned from Patchings Art Festival. A four-day event near Nottingham, which is, to say the least, pretty big! There were over 80 artists, 60 crafts, 30 material suppliers and a whole lot more besides.

Most of us were demonstrating, so there was a huge amount to see and do. All in all, it was a great show. I met lots of wonderful people, both visitors and fellow exhibitors, sold quite a bit and was able to move my fox painting on during the festival (see image gallery below) so it’s not far from being finished.

If you are thinking of visiting Patchings next year, I would recommend it, if you’d like to see lots of wonderful art and crafts, buy some bargain supplies or see demonstrations of techniques. If you are an artist thinking of taking a stand in the future, one thing to bear in mind is that probably about 70% of visitors (over the 4 days) are leisure painters interested in learning techniques and signing up for classes or demonstrations.

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New Shows

Romsey MarketHaving recently taken the plunge, I’m now going to a couple of bigger art fairs, namely Patchings Festival in June (just north of Nottingham) and the New Forest Show in July. Follow the links if you’d like to know more, although no doubt I’ll have more to say on both nearer the time.

I’ve only just started going along to craft and art fairs. The first 2 were in Stockbridge and Romsey, and were set up by Jackie Edwards from Biscuit Marketing.

In the interests of openness, I have to say I was pretty nervous. Well, when I say pretty nervous, I mean extremely nervous. To the point where I have to offer special thanks to John and, in particular, Carol, for putting up with me through the build-up.

I shouldn’t have been that nervous really (easy to say after the event of course!) as everyone was so nice and the shows were very successful. I met so many lovely people, both customers and fellow stall holders, and made quite a few sales as well. So, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences and may even become a little addicted to them.


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Upcoming Art Markets

MarketI have a few Art Markets coming up:

8th May: Stockbridge Townhall

15th May: Romsey

June: Patchings Art Festival

There are likely to be more, as I try to book them in, but I’ll post more details closer to the times. This is the first time I’ve done this in a long time, so I’m really looking forward to them.

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The Latest Works

buffaloThere won’t be too many words on this one, it’s all about the art. Suffice it to say I’ve been exploring the new style. With the first piece after the Buffalo, I decided to do some research into the subject matter and incorporate that into the piece, hence the writing on the right hand side. It’s added an additional depth to the work and I get to learn lots of interesting things, like the fact that Jaguars were seen by the Mayans as a link between the living and the dead.



Keralan Dawn

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Found It!!


After blathering on about it for ages, I think I’ve found my style, and who would have thought it, it’s all about using oil paint and a biro!

It started during a trip to Cork Street, in London, looking over the galleries there, to see what I could learn about what’s selling right now. The thing I came away with was that there are no rules, other than the fact you have to be distinctive (all the artists have very recognisable styles) and original (every painting had something unique about it). There were also some interesting works in photography, using repeat exposures, which gave some interesting effects.

I came home, planned to do a large Buffalo painting employing echoes of the same image, did the base layer, stood in front of the canvas with my expensive Winsor and Newton pigment marker… and hesitated. The marker seemed too thick to me and I wanted soft flowing lines, it struck me that a biro might work, although it would probably be too dark. I went for it and produced this:


Who would’ve thought that the lowly biro would be just what I was looking for. It produced a soft pencil like effect that you could add effects to using oils. The perfect balance between drawing and painting.


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KeralanPortraiture definitely has it’s challenges. We’re all human, after all, and therfore experts at spotting if there’s anything wrong with a portrait. If we know the person painted, then we absolutely know if it doesn’t look like them!

I’ve done a few now and I’ve really enjoyed it, so more will definitely follow.

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