Rediscovering Watercolour



Well, it’s back to watercolour after all these years! I haven’t really used them since giving up illustration, about 20 years ago. However, I wanted to try some small, fast, painting and watercolour is ideal for this.

I had a great time, who would have thought it, I guess when you’ve used them day in, day out, for over 10 years, all that accrued experience stays with you.

You can see all the results below (click on each one to see larger images), but I have to admit, I’m very happy with the outcome.

The painting was so much quicker, I was able to do at least one painting a day, and the whole experience was very freeing creatively. I’m moving on to some portraiture next, which will be much larger (I just can’t resist painting big!), so I hope to be able to carry that freedom into my new work.

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