Producing Prints

It’s verys-print-prep interesting the way working on your prints changes the way you relate to your art. A great way of making your work more affordable, in the past I’ve always handed my art over to a printer to do the scanning and colour matching for me. Now I’m doing my own and I’ve really enjoyed it!

The main things I’ve learnt are:

  • There’s far more to an image than I thought, what with brightness, contrast, levels, curves, exposures and colour balances all affecting the way it looks on the screen. You then have software, monitor and printer colour interpretation to think about…
  • All the above can get a bit frustrating when that one image just won’t go right and you have to decide on whether to try another tweak, and use another sheet of that very expensive, top quality paper, or trust that it’ll be fine.
  • Again as a result of the above, you need to chill out. Getting obsessive won’t help the print be any better, or your blood pressure.
  • Having said that, your art is worth the work, the end product has to be very, very good, but you can go too far!
  • It makes for a great way to reflect on your art and see where you want to go next. I’ve been looking back over 10 years worth of work, it’s been a real experience.
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing how the prints are received, out there in the commercial world.

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