Leaving the rat race


It’s finally happened. After years of planning and saving,  I’ve left work. I’m throwing in a career in Management to try and live the dream of paying the bills with my art work. Mad? Maybe, but you have to try these things, it would all just be boring otherwise! The new life has just started.

3 thoughts on “Leaving the rat race”

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks very much for commenting. It’s all definitely been worth it, I get to do what I love most of the time, but I can’t describe it as straightforward. There’s always so much to learn, whether it’s how to build websites, working out the business side of things, learning how best to market my work or how to create the most beautiful art I can.

      I wonder if you’re thinking of doing something similar yourself?

      All the best


  1. Yeah I am but I’m more of a dabbler in different creative things – don’t feel I’m super talented or could do anything full time just struggling with corporate life. I will continue doing it on the side so I don’t have the pressure to make it work. Congrats on your work!!

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