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£65- A3 Framed Print

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Patches of Teasels have been a taunting sight to me for many years. They look so beautiful and I've known they could make a wonderful picture, if I only had the patience, courage and skill to take them on!

The time finally came this year, when I was looking for a piece to work on at the New Forest Show. The last few pieces I've done at shows have been finished a bit too quickly and I knew that wouldn't be the case with these! As expected, I didn't get close to finishing them at the New Forest Show and it was even in doubt I'd complete them during Hampshire Open Studios the following month. However, so many people made such wonderfully encouraging comments while I was working, they undoubtedly spurred me on to finish the piece quicker than I probably would have otherwise. So, thank you all very much indeed!

There is very little oil paint in this piece, just a very light wash of white to start off the work and lift the colour of the canvas a bit. After that, it's biro all the way.

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All original paintings, if available, use hand-made frames that are painted to the finest specifications. The colours are individually selected to match each piece of art, ensuring the best finish possible. The frames for prints (if available) are standard sized, pre-made, frames that are solid wood and made to the highest quality.


At present, I can only ship to the UK via the web site. A contribution to shipping costs has been included in the price to make things easier.

I can ship to other destinations, but I'll need you to get in touch, using the contact me form, for a quote if buying from outside the UK.

All the art I sell is packaged extremely carefully, to keep your painting safe for it's journey, no matter how far. This can take some time, especially with original paintings, however, I aim to ship all art within 2 working days.