Cy Baker

Award Winning Artist


Masai Lion






£70- A3 Framed Print

£39 - A3 Unframed Print


This Buffalo was seen staring at us from a distance in Kenya. We had a real sense of being studied and weighed up by this magnificent animal.

This was my first piece of art done with a biro and oil paints. I included echoes of the same buffalo to represent the herd and the fact that these animals rely on safety in numbers. I wanted to capture the sense that there may be an individual but they're backed up by many more.

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All original paintings, if available, use hand-made frames that are painted to the finest specifications. The colours are individually selected to match each piece of art, ensuring the best finish possible. The frames for prints (if available) are standard sized, pre-made, frames that are solid wood and made to the highest quality.


At present, I can only ship to the UK via the web site. A contribution to shipping costs has been included in the price to make things easier.

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